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Teleportation Play

Teleportation Play

Here's a quick and fun update from the developer perspective...

The most exciting changes are the addition of trolls, teleportation, and combat polish.

  • units flicker red when taking damage
  • units make a sound effect when taking damage
  • Towering Troll implemented – tips towers, can't be picked up, high health, slow, easily confused
  • if you haven't completed the chapter yet, sleeping will restart it instead of going to the next chapter
  • numerous room polishes and performance improvements
  • updated locomotion to have better booster functionalities and include teleportation
  • began to implement cannons that fire goblins to get them across the table – in the future, trolls will put goblins in cannons, instead of goblins only getting fired when they happen to collide with one
  • fixed multiple unit spawning issues
  • the Footmen units now spawn on all of the Greedy Goblins chapters
  • fixed a physics issue with the calculator
  • fixed a tracking issue with the bubblegum pieces
  • adjusted unit colliders so that units no longer vibrate vertically as they move across the table
  • updated miscellaneous plugins